Welcome to our incoming Class of 2025! More information at the Classof 2025 Website

We will miss our outgoing seniors but we are confident you will go out into the world and continue to change it for the better. Look back over elections, service learning, trips and more at the Class of 2021 Digital Yearbook


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Student Bill of Rights

All students of Constitution High School are protected under the same laws and rights (under the United States Constitution) and are to be treated equally regardless of sex, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, or creed.

In accordance with the U.S. Constitution, judicial opinions, and Congressional legislation, laws in the school shall not abridge a student’s right to speech, press, petition, peaceful assembly, and protest.

The right of students at Constitution High School to be secured in their person, lockers, papers, and effects will not be violated unless there is reasonable cause.

Students and Staff may appeal any Constitution High School policy so long as the policy does not contradict the policies of the School District of Philadelphia.

Transfer students who did not complete the Constitution course due to scheduling difficulties are still qualified to run for any position that requires the completion of the Constitution course.  Candidates must pass a test on the Constitution given by a Constitution High social studies teacher in order to be eligible to campaign for elected office.

School District Graduation Requirements : 23.5 credits and a multidisciplinary or service project

Promotion Requirements

Students are required to pass their classes each year. A passing grade is 60 or higher.

There are 181 days in the school year. Students who miss more than 20 days and fail a class will be ineligible to make up that class in summer school. Students who miss more than 20% (36 days) may be retained.

Constitution High School is a city-wide admission college preparatory school with a waiting list of student who want to attend. Students who have multiple absences/lateness may not be invited back to Constitution High for the following year. Our goal is for students to not miss more than 8 days of school for the year. 

 Permission Forms

The following forms are required to be handed in by the first week of school:

Walking Trip Permission Slip : Allows your child to participate in the off-site learning initiative within walking distance of the school.

Waiver and Release-Form 17-18 :  Allows the School District of Philadelphia/PSTV Channel 52, members of the media, and partners of Constitution High School to use your child’s voice, name, photo, video and work for school and other publications.

Route Slip 2017-2018 : Gives the school important contacts and emergency information.

2017-18 Textbook Compact: Details the responsibilities and obligations regarding textbooks.