Dress Code

At Constitution High School, our student government is crucial to developing school norms.  Our Dress Code was defined by a student-written bill, signed into law by student government in 2008.

DRESS CODE LAW: In the interest of maintaining the privilege of self-expression, some guidelines are necessary for the student body regarding dress code. Dress code can refer to anything on the body from head to toe including words and images.

  • Rule 1: Compliance with Dress Code
    • Collared Shirt/Polo
    • Solid Pants
    • Solid Shoe (no open toes, flip flops or slides, workplace safety regulations)
    • No hats or hoods during class (School District Policy)
  • Rule 2: Prohibit gang colors and symbols
  • Rule 3: Red, White and Blue Day (For special occasions, such as Constitution Day or Job Shadowing, students may be asked to wear school colors, and/or to dress more formally).
  • Rule 4: Bill is effective immediately
  • Amended 2017- Students may wear Constitution High School tshirts and hoodies.

Failure to comply with dress code can lead to an after school detention of:

  • 15 minutes for the first offense
  • 30 minutes for the second offense
  • 1 hour for the third offense
  • Fourth offense the student will be issued a Saturday detention.

In the event a student arrives to school inappropriately attired, when and where available he/she will be given alternative apparel to wear for the school day.

Constitution High gear can be purchased in the school store or Main Office. Online store in progress, check back soon!