Keystone Testing Information

The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments given each year in May to evaluate proficiency in all students enrolled in Algebra I, Biology, and English II.

Parent/ Guardian Information on the Keystone Exams

Your student will be participating in the Keystone Examination, a state-mandated standardized assessment on May 14-22, 2018.  The details below and the documents included with this mailing provide important information and policies, so please take a few minutes to review them.

Linked Documents

1. Frequently Asked Questions – Information for Parents or Guardians

  • Provides an overview of the basics of the Keystone Exam
  • Explains a parent’s right to “opt out” his/her student from testing in the “May parents see the assessments?” section

2.  Keystone/PSSA Test Features and Accommodations 

  • Defines test features and accommodations
  • Provides a link to the complete Accommodations Guidelines documents

3. Electronic Devices Parent Letter

  • Details the Pennsylvania Department of Education policy on and consequences for using cell phones and other electronic devices during testing

4. House Bill 178 Parent Letter

  • Explains the impact of the delay in using Keystone Exams as graduation requirements

School Policy on Electronic Devices during Testing

As explained in the Electronic Devices Parent Letter, cell phones and other communication devices will not be allowed during the test administration.  The following actions will be taken if a student is found in possession of a cell phone during testing:

  • A “Do Not Score” label will be applied to his/her answer booklet and the student will either have to retake the test from the beginning or not receive a score.
  • The phone or communication device will be confiscated until such time that you come to the school.
  • In your presence, the cell phone or other device will be viewed to ensure that it contains no information or material about the assessment.
  • Students that violate the ban on cell phones and other electronic devices will be disciplined [explain the school-specific discipline policy] depending on whether the test material was compromised.
    If items on an assessment are compromised, they will have to be replaced. Parents and students may be responsible for the cost of replacing the items.
  • Please review the above policies carefully and discuss them with your student.  As always, we expect your full cooperation in this important matter.

If you have questions on any of the included documents or cell phone policy, please contact Mr. Greene, our testing coordinator, or myself.

Thank you very much.


Brianna Robb, Principal


Constitution’s May 2018 Testing Dates

Mon. 5/14 + Wed 5/16: ALGEBRA I exam

NO SCHOOL Tues. 5/15 is Election Day

Thurs. 5/17 + Fri 5/18: BIOLOGY exam

Mon. 5/21 + Tues 5/22: LITERATURE  exam


For more information:  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on Keystone Exams