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Keystone Testing Information

Information on the Keystone Exams


The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments to evaluate proficiency in Algebra, English and Biology. Pennsylvania school code currently will require the graduating class of 2019 and beyond to show proficiency in order to graduate.

The Keystone exams are given each year in January (make-ups) and May (end of course exam).


Only students who completed Algebra, Biology, or English 2 in prior years but did not score PROFICIENT or ADVANCED will take the exam in January. Testing dates are:

  • Algebra 1/10 + 1/11
  • Literature 1/12 + 1/16
  • Biology 1/17 + 1/18


End of course Keystones will be administered in May, exact dates TBD.


Additional information for parents can be found below.


For more information click here for the Commonwealth of PA Presentation on Keystone Exams



Last modified: January 30, 2018