Grading and Promotion Policies

SDP Grading Policy (Updated September 2017)

Teachers have multiple opportunities to evaluate student progress using a variety of assessment strategies. Grades
include the following components:

SDP Grading Scale

A grade of Incomplete (I) can be given in the following situations:

  • Student was enrolled for less than 15 days during the term
  • Student was on extended medical leave (nurse confirmation required)

Incomplete grades must be corrected prior to close of the next term grading window or the grade will convert to a 50.
Incomplete cannot be given during the final term of a course. The final grade for a course will be automatically calculated as an average of all term grades.

Students whose final average falls below a 60 will receive a failing grade on their final report card and will not earn credit for the course

SDP Promotion Policy (Updated September 2017)

A 12th grade student shall graduate if he/she:
Successfully completes a Multidisciplinary Project or a Service Learning Project

Earns a total of 23.5 credits, which include:

  • 4 in English
  • 3 in Mathematics
  • 3 in Science
  • 3 in Social Studies
  • 1 in African American History
  • 2 in World Language
  • 2 in Arts and Humanities
  • 1 in Physical Education
  • 0.5 in Health
  • 4 in electives*

*One elective must be a college preparatory Mathematics or Science course,
an International Baccalaureate course or an Advanced Placement course.
Schools or programs may predetermine specific subject area elective credits.

As per  The School District of Philadelphia Grading Policies